Monday, 29 December 2014

Visiting the Children

Children for Sponsorship ages 10 and up

Abenawe Elizabeth
11 years old

Akampurira Fred
12 years old

Arineitwe Matia 
15 years old
**Arineitwe Matia is now sponsored**

Arineitwe Pius
11 years old

Kansime Proscovia
13 years old
**Kansime Proscovia is sponsored**

Musimenta Adino
11 years old

Musimenta Eunice
11 years old

Musimenta Scovia
11 years old

Nabasa Isaac
11 years old

Rukundo Osbert
14 years old

Children for Sponsorship Ages 6-10

Ahimbisibwe Black
8 years old

Aniomugisha Gregory
9 years old

Ampeire Betas
8 years old

Arinanye Edson
6 years old

Arinda Amelia
6 years old

Katusimme Gloria
7 years old
**Katusimme Gloria is sponsored**

Komuhangi Ritah
**Komuhangi Ritah is sponsored**

Nasasira Isaac
8 years old

Nasasira John
7 years old

Orishaba Precious
7 years old

Tumushsabe Moreen
8 years old

Tumwesigye Callist
9 years old

Turinawe Agatha
7 years old

Children for Sponsorship Ages 5 and Under

Abangira John Paul
5 years old

Abomugisha Barnabas
5 years old
**Abomugisha Barnabas is now sponsored**

Ahereza Maratha 
5 years old

Ayebare Braize
5 years old

Gomoshabe Michael
5 years old

John Mary Vian
5 years old

Muhanguzi Joel
5 years old

Niwabene Bismark

Nowamani Gilbert
5 years old


Florence Orishaba
General Project Coordinator
Christian Option for Development and Democracy in Uganda-CODDU
Kabale-Kisoro Road
P O Box 234 Kabale, Uganda-East Africa
Tel: +256(0)705689591


Bethany Garnand
Overseas Coordinator
Coddu Child Sponsorship Programme
United States


CODDU Child Sponsorship Programs

Being founded on Christianity, CODDU believes that when these orphans are helped, they will not be polluted by the world (James 1:27) and CODDU does believe that whatever is done to a needy person, it is done with love from the heart and … Let love of the brethren continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it-Hebrews13:1-2.
Under this project CODDU invite sponsors and well-wishers to take part in this by choosing from our orphans and sponsor their education. Once an orphan gets a sponsor, he/she remains in touch with the sponsor by exchanging letters and photos. The sponsor gets to be informed of the information regarding the sponsored orphan such as the birth dates, academic performance, parental status etc and in here, the general coordinator works with other coordinators in/out of Uganda, to see that there is proper communication between the orphan and the sponsor. At CODDU vocational skills such as tailoring, and knitting, carpentry and joinery, bricklaying, motor vehicle mechanics, animal and bird (poultry) keeping, are encouraged as they help employ orphans after studies when start up material capital is provided to them. Therefore every child under the sponsorship programme, is supposed to have hand skills.
In here, CODDU wishes to thank some individuals who have already sponsored some of the orphans under this programme and May God blesses you.
NB: Due to the increasing number of orphans in western Uganda that has consequently led to increased number of street children, CODDU is inviting support from willing individuals/ organizations so that an orphanage is set in western Uganda to rehabilitate these orphans. With this, there is a need to start a technical/vocational school in the orphanage to train orphans so that they do not continuously rely on the sponsors after studies but be self reliant

CODDU also encourages parents to treat their children with good care, provide enough nutritious food for proper growth and show them love so that and offer them too much work to the young ones to avoid psychological and physical problems on them. 

Christian Option for Development and Democracy in Uganda-CODDU

Christian Option for Development and Democracy in Uganda-CODDU is a nonprofit registered NGO which was started by a group of Christian youths being inspired by Mugisha Gilbert Karengye a philosopher and ex-seminarian of the missionary congregation of Apostles of Jesus-with the aim of supporting and implementing projects among the local communities in western Uganda to raise the standards of people’s living standards. The major targets set by CODDU to achieve these standards are through human rights, good governance, education, peaceful conflict resolution, health, women emancipation and gender balance, fundamental freedoms and evangelization.